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Co-founder and co-president Rare Voices in Economics (RViE)
with Laura Minu Nowzohour and Alice R. Antunes
former Women in Economics Léman
Years: 2019-2022

Invited Presentation for RViE:
IEE Research Day (GSEM – University of Geneva) 2023
The Playing Field in Academia (Warsaw, Poland) 2023 - VIDEO
Diversity & Inclusion Network - Royal Economic Society Annual Conference (online) 2022
Equality Committee (GSEM – University of Geneva) 2022
Study Center Gerzensee (Bern, Switzerland) 2022

Co-organizer 1st Rare Voices in Economics Conference
Location: University of Geneva and The Graduate Institute of Geneva (Switzerland)
Date: 13-14 September 2021
Budget 20’000CHF
Sponsors: LIVES (University of Geneva); Geneva 2030 Ecosystem Micro Grant, Economics Department, Gender Centre, and Centre for Finance and Development(IHEID)

Co-organizer and co-moderator of the public roundtable “Pathways for more Inclusive Economics Departments”
Location: University of Geneva (Switzerland)
Date: 13 September 2021
VIDEO Blog Post & Photo Gallery

Co-organizer Women in Economics Workshops Series
Date: Spring and Fall 2020
Institutions: University of Geneva, The Geneva Graduate Institute, University of Lausanne (Switzerland)
[1] The Origin and the Path - invited speaker Prof. Beatrice Weder di Mauro (IHEID)
[2] Leadership and glass ceilings - invited speaker Prof. Lore Vandewalle (IHEID)
[3] Microaggression and persistence social norms - invited speaker Prof. Kenza Benhima (UniL)
[4] What works and what doesn’t in levelling the gender playing field? - invited speaker Tineke Ritzema (Symbiotics)
[5] Origins of gender stereotypes: is gendered behaviour only trained behaviour? - invited speaker Prof. Jaya Krishnakumar (UniGe)
[6] Intersectionality, race, and gender - invited speaker Prof. Saraly Andrade De Sa (UniGe)
[7] The Impact of COVID-19 on the Gender Gap and vice versa. What question to ask? - invited speaker Prof. Julia Cajal Grossi (IHEID)
[8] Sexual harassment, consent, and positive female sexuality - invited speaker Prof. Eleonore Lepinard (UniL)

Co-founder and co-organizer RViE Mentoring Program
Years: 2020-2021; 2022-2023
Collaboration with the Royal Economic Society Consciously Inclusive Mentoring Program

Mentor for RViE Mentoring Program
Years: 2023-2024

Blog Posts
CHAPTER 2. Leadership and glass ceilings in Economics.
CHAPTER 5. Origins of gender stereotypes: is gendered behaviour only trained behaviour?
CHAPTER 7. The Impact of COVID-19 on the Gender Gap and vice versa. What question to ask?

About RViE

We are Ph.D. students in Economics, some of us are “rare voices*”, and others are not. We all believe that our profession could do better both in terms of individual experience and productivity via better allocation of talents. Creating a safe space for diverse voices to express themselves can benefit everybody. Our mission is to keep this discussion open and advocate for change at the institutional level.

[1] Raising awareness and fostering an open exchange through our workshops. We review relevant scientific papers and reflect during our occasional roundtables with experts in the field.
[2] Leveling the playing field through our mentoring program and theater workshops to empower PhD students in building networks and mastering challenging environments.
[3] Promoting institutional change via our guidelines for more inclusive economics departments and regular participation to departments’ public events.
[4] Creating a safe space for research using our research clusters and our annual Rare Voices in Economics conference. During these events, we create secure and stimulating places to discuss research.